INDIAN SITAR - Guitar Open Tunning - B F# B F# B E - Mario Vilas -

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In The middle of the seventies I have found a sitar musical book wrote by RAVI SHANKAR , and I got a real sitar brought from my friend Pierre Bourgoin a cool Hippie who came Home one day with this magic instrument he bought in India ...after reading the Shankar ' s book , I realize that some of the sitar ' strings was B F# B F# B E adapting with the guitar ....on these vidéo , I play simply some " things " and show the road , after that , I ' m really sure you will go far away and play cool guitar sitar much better than me ..I'm playing on an old 1961 Fender stratocaster , well found by a friend of mine , a Fender - finder !
Friendly your ' s ....Mario Vilas

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