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    by BalconyTV


    Just off a Japan tour and with 3 recent song placements in the feature film, "I Hate Valentine's Day" by Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and American Pie 7: Book Of Love, Melinda Ortner has something to talk about as she debuts at Hotel Café. She recently had a big shout out "tweet" from Pharrell's band, "Chester French" of Interscope Records and got to perform at Kate Hudson's Christmas Party ending the year with a bang. She was voted Best of 2009 and 2008 for KLAS FM Radio in Los Angeles. A semi-finalist for IMWSC, Melinda has been building her growing fan base in the tough love trenches of Los Angeles. She is in the midst of recording a full length record and has just released a music video for her new single "Heartbeats". She is excited to play Sundance and also release her record just in time for SXSW.

    She was nominated for the LA Music Awards for her tune "Something You Said", the same song is now being featured on Star's playlist and has placements in video games for kids in NYC, and several other promotional events. Just this year, she's won "Best Song" and "Best Performance" four times at West Coast Songwriters Showcases and has been featured on MTV's True Life's 'Apollo's solo album. She was invited back to perform at the 10th Annual Jeff Buckley Tribute held at The Key Club, hosted by Jack Osbourne.

    Coming in 2nd place for her tune "Sorry Tonight" at WCS Annual Play-Off's, and ranking high in several podcasts including "Next Big Hit", Melinda's soulful voice and catchy songs matched with her honest and vulnerable performances keep her audiences returning. "One of the most uniquely talented people I have heard on MySpace and as a producer" says Les July, pro-guitarist. She is the main subject in a documentary just released in Europe, where cameras followed her progress within the last year. Currently, she is featured artist of the week on while she's working on a full- length debut record and embarking on another international tour.

    Tune in again!