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    Shanghai Court Gives Apple Green Light to Sell iPad


    by NTDTelevision

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    Apple fans in Shanghai are free to buy the iPad, for now, after a court dismissed a Chinese technology firm's attempt to ban sales of the device. Shenzhen Proview Technology has been successful in other regions, claiming that it owned the iPad trademark. Apple's iPad has been removed from the shelves in some other areas in China.

    A Shanghai Court has given Apple the green light to continue selling its iPad. The court suspended an action that could have taken a large slice out of the global computer giant's profits in China.

    Chinese technology firm Shenzhen Proview Technology had sought to ban sales of the tablet computer in Shanghai, claiming it owned the iPad Trademark. Apple disputes that, saying it bought the trademark rights in 2010 but Proview was refusing to honor the agreement.

    Similar court actions in Proview's home city of Shenzhen were successful earlier this year and Proview followed up with cases in various regions, successfully having Apple products pulled off the shelves in Hebei Province. Proview also tried to ban Apple from importing and exporting the device.

    During the Shanghai court hearing yesterday, Proview produced its own Internet Personal Access Device, or IPAD, which looked exactly like the Apple iPad.

    But local media said the case could be re-opened if any new evidence was found, and the Shanghai court would be watching the outcome of an appeal by Apple against an earlier decision favoring Proview in the Guangdong Higher People's Court.

    Proview's lawyer Xie Xianghui said this month there was a "big possibility" that Proview would be willing to settle the matter out of court, for a price.