The Champions and the beauty of Rio Carnival 2012

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Veniamin's Human Slinky, the Winner of the Greatest Show on Earth with Samba School Unidos da Tijuca, The Champion of Rio Carnival 2012, Rio de Janeiro - February 23, 2012 &
Will work on this for for several months with Unidos da Tijuca Samba School under Internet, meetings in Florida and two weeks daily practicing in Rio De Janeiro.

Next translation from Brazilian News.
Unidos da Tijuca with Veniamin "Human Slinky" ~ Champion of Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2012.

Rio De Janeiro 2/22/2012.
A Romanian gymnast was the ''HumanSlinky" that led to the Sapucaí when the Unidos DA Tijuca delirium came on the Avenue, in the early hours of yesterday. Formed by 15 dancers, the Commission of front with bellows that gained life and the performance of the athlete, as bellows imported multicolored if agigantava, rebolava and cuddled up under, pulled out cries of ' is ' already in the industry champion 1. The idea of the Commission arose from the performance of Romanian Veniamin, seen by the Carnival Paulo Barros on the Internet. The spring of retired turned the hurdy gurdy that comes to life, reminding Luiz Gonzaga and his instrument. "I've done shows and performances in many countries of the world. But this was the first time in Brazil. I'm impressed with the energy of the people. It is very cool to see how the public vibrate and participates, "commented retired, living in Orlando (USA).
The training was at a distance. "We did tests Rio-Orlando, sending and receiving videos," says Priscilla Mota, choreographer of the Commission with her husband, Roger Negri. The artist taught his movements and learned the story of Luiz Gonzaga. "We had to abrasileirar the Veniamin" she quips.

Veniamin taught how to move around inside the spring. "Inside the garment, there is no way to see and listen well.


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