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Xbox 720 Rumors Mimic That of the PlayStation 3


by TheGamerAccess

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 will officially turn seven on November 22nd, 2012 convincing many gamers that Microsoft's successor, often referred to as Xbox 720, is near. As the cycle goes, the closer we creep up on the launch of a new gaming device, the more rumors and leaks are found to tease the appetites of those anticipating what's in store for the future of gaming.

Recently, a rumor has found its way on the net that immediately relates to that of the PlayStation 3 while in its research and development stage. I discuss the topic on hand and provide my insight as to how this may impact those who adopt Microsoft's, and possibly Sony's, next-generation consoles. As always, I encourage you all to leave your thoughts in the comment section letting me know what you think. You never know who may read what you type ;)


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