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    Xcorps MUSIC - KOKAYI RoXtar

    Stuart Edmondson

    by Stuart Edmondson

    Xcorps MUSIC Presents - KOKAYI Roxtar - Xcorps MUSIC and RIVE video promotions presents music from D.C. with KOKAYI rolling his song Roxtar along with ACTION SPORTS video from Xcorps shows!

    Kokayi - Ko-Kah-Yee - or KOKE ASA Carl Walker is a Grammy nominated emcee singer songwriter, producer and educator from Washington D.C. who takes his name from the Swahili word meaning To summon the people!

    Roll the QN5 Record label alternative with music and stage moves of KOKE in action miXed along with some of the best ACTION SPORTS from the early Xcorps episodes including Rick Thorne BMX – Ray Murphy BASE – Eric Ducharme SKATE, SNOWBIKE – Bob Woodard FLYING, PAINTBALL, SNOWBIKE – Mike Metzger, Brian Deegan, Jeremy McGrath FREESTYLE MX and Big Monkey SNOWBOARD moves at Mountain High Resort along with many other super Action video shots from Xcorps!

    Stay Tuned for more of this Action Sports Music Video Mix!

    From the first episodes of Xcorps launched in 2001 TheXcorps has been produced with MUSIC being a major part of the production along with location sponsors like Mtn.High Resort with RIVE video promotions and Suburban Noize Records the TUNES have always rolled right there with the great action!

    Now with our new Xcorps MUSIC format along with Xcorps MotorSports the plan in gear is to ramp up and feature new and established musical talent to new levels of on-screen FUN for our ever-growing audience!
    Please note that only the best produced MUSIC VIDS of ALL genres roll with Xcorps!
    Special Thanks to Mountain High Resort Wrightwood California for production assistance.
    Background music GRX theme by Jason Lazo.
    See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
    TRT 4:15 JSE
    J.S.Edmondson ©2012 TheXcorps