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    EXCLUSIVE: Fight NEARLY Breaks Out on Santa Monica Boulevard


    by hollywoodtv

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    EXCLUSIVE: For some reason there was a lot of violence last night, as shown here in this clip where a hooded individual driving on Santa Monica Boulevard -- with passengers in the car no less -- pulls over to start some sh*t with a pedestrian.

    As the dude gets out of his car and approaches, the pedestrian seems to indicate that he doesn't desire altercation and, wisely, the rear passenger gets out and hauls his friend back into the car.

    Another fight averted. Whew! But this video should serve as a good lesson that one never knows when one is being filmed out there. In this video, it's pretty apparent that the driver goes out of his way -- even making a U-turn -- to become the aggressor, not realizing that both he and his license plate number are being filmed.

    In the words of the great Mr. King: "Can't we just all get along?"