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    Clifford Morter tribute "Stay with me"

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    My cousin Clifford, sings a tune I wrote for him in 2006. Clifford has since taken his life...

    "There are so many things I want to say...but Im so angry and ashamed that I was so blind and wrapped up in myself that I couldn't see your pain and now this unbearable finality brings it home. I will never stop loving you cousin your face in my thoughts...and so I quickly made this for you on the day after your death out of photographs taken from those that loved you, I did as much as I could editing your image through tears, soldiering on as we always have! And most of all, this is for everyone to hear your beautiful voice and see how happy you could be amongst friends, family and your incredible children...They love you and I love you dude, Im so fucking sorry x x x x"