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    by BalconyTV

    As one Mr. Edward Kennedy Ellington put it, "There are two kinds of music: good and bad. I like both."

    Well, Sir Duke, so do The Ghosts.

    More specifically the kind of music Ghosts Along the Brazos strive to make is honest music. Honest like your grandma churnin' butter on a hot Texas morning, or makin' Mickey Mouse pancakes while your crazy great uncle Theodore dances outside to the multi-melody'd song of the Mockingbird (a Ghastly topic indeed...)

    This group of Austin, TX musicians came together under the Ghosts banner less than 6 months ago and have already become a Tour De Force of songwritin' and groovin. Guitarist/Songwriter/Vocalist Greg Harkins and Bassist/Songwriter/Vocalist Kristopher Wade have spent the last 3 years swingin' hard with the Marshall Ford Swing band while Drummer Jared Allison was traversing the Atlantic with Metal outfit Iron Age, all the while the guys were coming home to the sweet sounds of Vocalist/Songwriter/Artist extraordinaire Jacob Jaeger who, after a stint with The Marshall Ford Swing Band, has been honing his craft to a spoon-sharp point.

    As Duggan Flanakin of put it;

    "Ghost Along the Brazos may be the brightest and best thing to come out of Austin this year -- and their Romeo's residency has already taken on the stuff of legends in the making .... Jacob Jaeger is .... an entertainer"
    The Ghosts don't usually toot their own horn(s) but anyone who wants to is more than welcome. Thanks Duggan!

    Tune in again soon!