Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Beti B's Leaked Photo Is Real? - Bollywood News


by Rajshri

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Beti B's latest picture has gone viral all over the internet. Is this picture real or yet another desperate attempt by the gossip mongers to grab the eyeballs? To know the facts, check out the video. Regular Facebook Updates Watch more for the latest bollywood film reviews, makings & trailers.


Gotta love Bollywood gossip videos :D
By Catherine Goodman 2 years ago
it cld be her brothers kid!! definetly not beti B..
Please give them space to breath..y is the whole world behind beti B
By Anju Pillai 2 years ago
In the new born baby's photo the lady is someone else. it clearly shows that the photo is morphed. Who ever has done it. grow up! why so desperate?
By Priyanka Ramana 2 years ago
The newborn baby(fair one) may be hers but the other little grown one is her brother's
By Hrnakshi Joashi 2 years ago
This is definitely not her baby Baby Beti should be bout 3 months only but this baby looks older
By Mary Lourdes 2 years ago
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