Grammar - Olive Crown Green Hungama 2012

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In a classroom a simple English grammar question is posed by the class teacher to the student about the comparitive and superlative degree. The student makes apt and correct sentences for the same, while giving the answers he realises something and makes a small error in the last sentence. What is this error? He says money is good , Plastic money is better, Plastic is bad. The short A/V depeicts that even school children know that the use of plastic is not favourable for the environment and that we must reduce, reuse and recycle plaastic. Though the teacher rejects his answer by saying it" wrong answer" since it does not follow the superlative form of good , better, best. The student has realized the hazardous use of plastic. He wishes to clarify that, eventhough the answer is wrong the fact of plastic being harmful is true.

A Film By Vrishasen Dabholkar.