A Big THANK YOU to Global Warming - Olive Crown Green Hungama 2012

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A big thank you to global warming! Everyone has a say, everyone has his own take. With everyone preaching about the mother of all causes to build a better society; it has, thus, far made little or no effect on the people as a mass. The society still wastes water, car-pooling is still a concept yet to take effect and we are steadily ignoring the increasing calamities across the globe. Having my say in this, I believe to deal negative with negative. Sarcasm when done, hitting the right note, can create a thought provoking effect. Why does everyone like Venice, because unlike other cities across the globe, one has to travel in a boat, which is exciting. Using that as universal point, the film talks about every country having its own Venice. The world is soon going to have a mass of extreme floods because of excessive downpours and melting glaciers. Thus we should thank global warming and our wastage of resources for making this possible. The film starts with the pretty Venice moving to the flooded cities across the globe, most recently Thailand. It gives the viewer food for thought.

A Film by Kartik Ramnathkar.