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    Hidden Meanings 2 - Olive Crown Green Hungama 2012

    Songs always have hidden meanings. The film is a funny take on a Bollywood song with a serious message. The song is from the film, Darr, One of Shahrukh Khan's hits. The situation of the song in the film is holi, the festival of colours. It says, 'Aang se Aang lagana, sajan hame aisa rang lagana'. Which means, play holi (apply colours to each other) through your bodies. Just rub your bodies against each other. Yes, a funny and a humorous take, but with a series message, saying, why waste water, when you can play holi in more interesting ways. The film focuses on the cause 'a dry holi'. The film has no video but has a text supporting the message. It is purposely done is such a way, because it grabs attention and makes the audience actually listen to the words.

    A Film by Sushant Dharwadkar.