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    Pros and Cons of Eating Red Meat


    by NTDTelevision

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    Meat is an important ingredient in most people’s diets. However, recent research suggests there may be hazards in eating red meat. Our Israeli correspondents investigate this topical issue.

    Meat is an important ingredient in most people’s diets.

    However, a recently published article warns of the hazards of eating red meat.

    We went out to check the pros and cons.

    [Dr. Hila Geva-Aviram, Naturopath & Nutritionist]:
    “Historically speaking, man naturally began eating seeds, vegetables and fruit, and only then proceeded to eating meat…”

    [Taufic Batchun, Hinnawi Butcher Shop]:
    “During the past few years people have been eating more meat. Roasted and grilled meat are more popular… the consumption is much greater. I can’t say exactly how much in percentages, but it is definitely greater compared to previous years."

    Meat is protein, and also contains vitamins and minerals, but our nutritionist warns that the dangers are greater than the advantages.

    [Dr. Hila Geva-Aviram, Naturopath & Nutritionist]:
    “Meat contains saturated fat. The saturated fat sticks to the walls of our blood vessels, causing arteriosclerosis, blood pressure problems, heart conditions and even large intestine cancer resulting from germs. The bacteria in meat may cause large intestine problems."

    Apparently, most people prefer to eat raw meat or medium-rare meat.

    [Taufic Batchun, Butcher]:
    “Most people eat their meat medium or medium plus. You rarely see people today who eat ‘well done’ meat, and of course they also enjoy eating it a little bit raw."

    So what does our nutritionist have to say about that?

    [Dr. Hila Geva-Aviram, Naturopath & Nutritionist]:
    “From a medical point there is a disadvantage of eating uncooked meat, as it contains parasites which should be destroyed. For example, there is the parasitic flatworms...