Winter Afternoon in Alberta, Canada - February 26 - 2012



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Today, February 26 - 2012 we had a lot of snowfall in Alberta. I am driving home from a short trip to estimate the conditions of driving. This was the biggest snowfall so far this winter. The snow was heavy and it would be easy to get stuck in the deep snow. Test drive for tomorrow safe driving to Downtown...Thank you for traveling with me...Have a great day... :)


Grzayno zrobilam pare wideo w miescie i zrobie filmik. Zobaczysz nasze centrum chociaz tylko czesc na razie bo latem bede roobic ciekawsze widea...Tak zima jest fotogeniczna szczegolnie jak swieci slonce i snieg bialy wkolo...Bardzo dziekuje. :)
By ZUZANNA MUSIAL 3 years ago
Piękna przejażdżka w Twoich okolicach. Miło się ogląda choć nie kocham zimy....ale zima jednak jest bardzo fotogeniczna choć dominuje kolor biały.
By BGrazyna 3 years ago
Dear Bill, it was a decent driving for me as I use to ride wild horses in a past and then I was not afraid to drive at all. It is not so bad if you have a good winter tires. The only thing was harder to drive with the camera on.
The shaking was bad...Smile:))

Thank you...Have a lovely day...Zuzanna
By ZUZANNA MUSIAL 3 years ago
Dear Genia it was a Wonderland for a day today totally a different story will have a video made from the travel to Downtown...Hopefully soon will put together for all to view the Wild Canadian places...This is rather a Cowboy Country where I live...One has to be good driver..Smile

Thank you darling for the rating and smooches..Hugs from Zuzanna
PS: We too have to hire a plows privately because city does not plow on time.
By ZUZANNA MUSIAL 3 years ago
Steve it was not that cold but lots of snow and driving was dangerous.
I hold the camera in one hand and the steering wheel in another
watching if police is not chasing after me:)) Thank you:))
By ZUZANNA MUSIAL 3 years ago
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