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Giga Feeling - "LIBERTA" (free love feeling) OFFICIAL -2012 (HD)

vor 6 Jahren122 views

My 11th-album finished in february 2012 /BOD-ART RECORDS - germany!

the album is a big MIX-NEW STYLE from ATTILIANO - a mix from old + new style -full CDDVD have 10 songs in diferent languages..
"giga song" "giga feeling" music video album "most popular" official song.
it is to a relaxing "video clip" free to download-not comercial presntation. y can the album buy as CD/DVD complety -info: attilabod@yahoo.de


bod attiliano,atti-bod, gaga, britney, rihanna, beyonce, lopez, attiliano, attila, pop, "giga song", justin biber