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    Neck Pain Mill Valley - (415) 388-2214

    Paul Natonason

    by Paul Natonason

    Neck Pain Mill Valley - (415) 388-2214

    We are pleased you found our video. please consider our office to provide your Chiropractic Care. We offer the most advanced techniques in a modern and comfortable office setting. Our goal is optimal patient care with total patient comfort.

    Align Chiropractic Studio
    147 Lomita Drive Ste B-1
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
    (415) 388-2214

    Below is a partial list of common conditions that are treated at our office Chiropractic.

    Neck and shoulder pain and strains/sprains:
    Whiplash injury
    TMJ and jaw pain
    Rotator cuff injury
    Low back pain and strains/sprains:
    Facet syndrome and related
    Degenerated disc disease and disc herniation/bulges
    Headaches (tension type):
    Extremity injuries to the wrist/elbow/knee/ankles:
    Carpal tunnel and wrist pain
    Lateral and medial epicondylitis (tennis and golfers elbow)
    Frozen shoulder