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    Chiropractor Mill Valley - (415) 388-2214

    Paul Natonason

    by Paul Natonason

    Chiropractor Mill Valley - (415) 388-2214

    Align Chiropractic Studio has been serving Mill Valley with chiropractor care and massage therapy needs since 2000. We combine massage therapy, stretching, CORE strengthening techniques along with Chiropractic adjusting so your body holds the adjustment longer and heals more quickly. That means less visits to the Chiropractor! Feel free to call our office if you would like to speak to the Doctor.

    Align Chiropractic Studio
    147 Lomita Drive Ste B-1
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
    (415) 388-2214

    Below is a partial list of common conditions that are treated at our office.
    Neck and shoulder pain and strains/sprains:
    Whiplash injury
    TMJ and jaw pain
    Rotator cuff injury
    Low back pain and strains/sprains:
    Facet syndrome and related
    Degenerated disc disease and disc herniation/bulges
    Headaches (tension type):