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    Mr Brainwash Arrives at Trousdale Covered in Paint


    by hollywoodtv

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    Arriving at Trousdale partially covered in paint, the paparazzi inform character extraordinaire Mr. Brainwash that the dude's looks suspicious. In fact, we're thinking of personally calling Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano herself and telling her that we have a suspected terrorist hanging out in front of Trousdale who needs to be tasered a few dozen times and thrown into the hole in a foreign-occupied territory.

    Mr. Brainwash ("MBW") is a pseudonym for the character Thierry Guetta in the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by Banksy. Guetta is presented in the 2010 film as a French citizen who now lives in Los Angeles, having been a proprietor of a clothing store and videographer who evolved into a street artist and gallery artist, influenced by the street artists he documented through video over the years. According to the film, Guetta was first introduced to street art by his cousin, the French street artist, Invader. The film includes authentic documentation of Space Invader, Shepard Fairey, Banksy and other well-known street artists at work on the streets, and is directed by Banksy with significant participation from Fairey.