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    Stan Kolev feat Albena Veskova - The MAGIC Of Bulgarian Voices & Music


    by bulgad

    song - Stan Kolev feat Albena Veskova Event Horizon
    movie-Kauai - The Lost World Film made by Devin Graham
    Bulgarian music is extremely often used in world music, movies, Disney Hollywood movies etc. You probably dozens of time heard some tracks not even realising that they are based on ethnic Bulgarian singing. Here are some of them ....Kate Bush - "Sensual world" ,Kate Bush - "The Red Shoes", Azam Ali , G. Elis , Was, Stellamara, Joseph LoDuca, Yoshida Brothers, HuDost ,Tiësto - Alone In The Dark, Tyler Bates, Juno the movie: 300" movie - "Message for the Queen", "Xena", "Hercules", "Jesus of Montreal ", "Savior", "Alone In The Dark" game, Transformation Soundtrack Brother Bear ,TV spot, & more....Bulgarian folk music can be heard ( song "Pilence pee") ,