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    Gimme A Break! Season 7 ep 2 Opening



    Let's say this was episode 2 of season 7 of Gimme A Break's opening credits.

    Here, you see that Lara Jill Miller, Matthew Lawrence, and Paul Sand, all do not appear in the episode. Therefore, to add to the loss of the characters in the intro, shots of New York City are placed between a few of them. If the cast was much smaller, double shots back to back would be shown of the city, until it reached the point to get to the "Executive Producers" section of the opening

    On GAB, the "Executive producers" title usually came at the first "I finally know where I belong" or just shortly after that. So in this final season version (which is slowed down), it's at the same point, as the very end of the song begins with Nell taking the photo in the living room, ending with the GAB logo when sung in the theme song).

    Let's say in this episode, Sam had already gone back to college, Matthew was spending the night sleeping over a friend's house, and Marty was just not in the episode.