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by Rcmnks83

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Have I done what I wanted with my entire life? Am I concerned that, come the end of it, there’s something that I’ll have failed to perform? Did I miss out on the material possessions, luxuries, fame, fortune, the ideal family, anything or experience I always wanted but have not attained?

There has to be a philosophy - for many people to discover the utmost necessity for a self-improvement product, we have to see exactly how horrible every day life is for those that haven’t been offered this chance. A rash generalization that retirement villages are filled to the brim with people who didn’t live to their full potential, perhaps? What i'm saying is, despite potentially fighting in wars and saving our established way of life, did these oldies really live?

Basically, whatever you’ve always wanted to do, stop daydreaming about it, silly, we can do this! We deserve it and we’re not going to put it off for this to fall within our lap!