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    Eco-Byte: What if you were born a shark?


    by ci_studios

    We hope you love sharks as much as we do! Learning about all sharks has probably made you think about your favorite species. There are more than 400 species of sharks in our big blue ocean, so if you were a shark, what kind would you be? How about a tiger shark, or a bull shark, or a lemon shark? What about a whale shark, a hammerhead, or a so-called 'walking' shark?
    Our marine scientists found this unique species using its fins to move along the ocean floor in the highly biodiverse Bird's Head Seascape of Indonesia several years ago.

    Through our Seascapes partnerships, and our support of Marine Managed Areas, CI is working to protect all sharks and their ecosystems so that these apex predators can continue to thrive as they have for millions of years, and provide their critical benefits to the ocean and to people. Check out CI's latest video to find out more about some of the most fascinating shark species and to learn why it is so important that we protect them.