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    The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe a film by Luis Buñuel with music by Lilburn, Takemitsu and Clarke

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    Christopher MacIntyre

    : Christopher MacIntyre

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    Part I (Shipwreck and Survival) "Aoreatoa" by Doublas Lilburn

    Part II (Danger and Friendship) "From Me Flows What You Call Time" by Toru Takemitsu" and "The Island Princess by Jeremiah Clarke,

    Part III (Triumph and Return) "From Me Flows What You Call Time" by Takemitsu and the "Aotearoa" by Lilburn.

    A three-part series is devoted to Luis Buñuel's "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe' starring Dan O'Herlihy,'s based on the famous novel by Daniel Defoe. The music by New Zealand-born Douglas Lilburn and has a suitably adventurous and sea-going spirit. The pieces in each of the three sections all have something to do with islands. The music I used for Part II video is by modern Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu and English Baroque composer Jeremiah Clarke. Takemitsu's music employs exotic percussion instruments from various islands around the world, including Japan, Bali, and the Caribbean. Clarke's music is from a semi-opera entitled 'The Island Princess'.