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    Sri Lakshmi Sahasram - Ishwarya Stabaka - Sanskrit Spiritual


    by MusicAndChants

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    1. Karunya Stabaka
    2. Kataksha Stabaka
    3. Mangala Stabaka
    4. Iswarya Stabaka
    Phala Stabaka
    Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity is always praised, prayed and extolled by many poets in Sanskrit for, without her grace, it is difficult to pull on life in this mundane universe.

    Sri Venkatadvari, the Sanskrit poet of Arasani Palai, near Kanchipuram, composed 1018 verses and divided them into 25 sections named as stabakas (bunches), each one highlighting the greatness of Lakshmi. Reciting and listening to the verses of Lakshmi Sahasram shall bestow on devotees Her Blessings for fulfillment of all the aspirations in life.

    This Compact Disc Contains Karunya Stabaka, Kataksha Stabaka, Mangala Stabaka and a few verses from lswarya stabaka and phala stabaka. Mrs.prema Rengarajan has recited the hymns with dignity, diction and a keen outpouring has been conceived and guided by Dr.Thiagarajan.