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    Drone zeppelin rc avec 8 heures d'autonomie


    par minizepp

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    here is the new UAV advertising blimp, airship, made by Minizepp inc in Switzerland.
    this blimp can fly up to 8 hours non stop at an avg speed of 30 km/h.
    the new generation gas power system is smooth, powerfull but very silent, once at its cruising altitude, the blimp cant be hardly heared and over a city you can hear it at all.

    the top speed of thes airship is 55 km/h and the minimum speed is 18 km/h
    it is a V-STOL machine, takeoff distrance is less than 10m landing the same.

    Enjoy the video and soon we will see many advertising low cost blimp on world's sky!