Hjernevask ("Brainwashing") - English - Part 1 - The Gender Equality Paradox

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Norway: Brainwashed Science on TV Creates Storm, 2010

"What Eia had done, was to first interview the Norwegian social scientists on issues like sexual orientation, gender roles, violence, education and race, which are heavily politicized in the Norwegian science community. Then he translated the interviews into English and took them to well-known British and American scientists like Robert Plomin, Steven Pinker, Anne Campbell, Simon Baron-Cohen, Richard Lippa, David Buss, and others, and got their comments. To say that the American and British scientists were surprised by what they heard, is an understatement."


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Oh look, feminists masquerading as scientists standing by their "theoretical basis" in the face of observed evidence, while calling people out for seeing what they want to see.

Couldn't make it up.

Best of luck Norway, here's hoping your people in the harder sciences aren't as indoctrinated as some of the others...
By N7 Last year