Helicopter shakes itself apart on landing in Brazil

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A rescue helicopter pulls itself to pieces whilst trying to land in Para, Brazil.


Its called "ground resonance" and it happens when a portion of the main rotor is damaged causing it to resonate once on the ground. It cant happen in the as the whole airframe moves with the unbalancing, but once on the ground if the machine sets up the resonance quickly enough as it does here it will just get worse and worse until it tears itself apart...
By dm_500fe7a10aebf 2 years ago
Carnacopto!ele dançou um sambaaa!!
By Marcos Medeiros 3 years ago
Thank god it didn't happen in mid air!
By Jack Jarman 3 years ago
is it angry?
By William Darlington 3 years ago
this is a suicide helicopter...hahahahha
By Wilion Rigah 3 years ago
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