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    Phoenix Pest Control: Choosing The Right Service Provider In Arizona


    by PestUSA

    This video is by, a pest control company covering the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

    In Arizona, the best way to choose a pest control company is to call and ask questions like these:

    • How often will you need treatments?

    • Make sure they will send someone out for a free initial inspection.

    • Ask if they are licensed and bonded to operate in Arizona.

    • Ask about the chemicals that they use, why and how safe they are indoors around family and pets.

    • Ask about maintenance plans they offer and what is right for you.

    • Will they come out for free between plans for another treatment?

    • How responsive are they to you needs and inquiries?

    We offer pest management services (pest control and extermination) covering the removal of termites, ants, spiders (brown recluse, black widow, tarantula), bed bugs, scorpions (bark scorpions), rodents, rats, mice, bees, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects and bugs.