Tibetans Protest on Their New Year


by NTDTelevision

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Wednesday marked the Tibetan New Year. But this year, instead of celebrating, Tibetans in India were protesting the Chinese Communist Party's continued crackdown in Tibet. India has the largest population of Tibetan refugees in the world.

In India, Tibetans took to the streets of New Delhi on Wednesday to protest against Chinese regime policies in their homeland. It comes as the Dalai Lama called for people to abstain from festivities and instead pray for victims in Tibet.

Normally, this time of the year, the Losar or New Year celebration, is a combination of a Buddhist ceremony and family gathering...instead they're protesting.

[Acharya Yeshi, Protestor]:
"Today is the Tibetan New Year 2139. But we are not celebrating this New Year because of the serious and sensitive situation, which is currently prevailing inside Tibet. We Tibetans who are living outside Tibet express our solidarity with those who are residing in Tibet. We want to ensure that we make the voice of those who are residing in Tibet, be heard by the world and they should support those people. We also demand from the Chinese government that they should mull over the prevailing situation and work towards amicably resolving it. This is our demand."

Other protests also occurred in the northern Chandigarh union territory of India.

[Gelek Jamyang, President, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress]:
"On this occasion we have three demands. First demand is to send reporters and investigators to Tibet. And second demand is the military presence in Tibet must withdraw immediately. And third, the last demand is that China must respect the basic human rights in Tibet as well as in mainland China."