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    China's Xi Jinping Visits Turkey


    by NTDTelevision

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    Yesterday, China's leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping left Turkey after talks with the Turkish president and prime minister.

    This was Xi's final lap of his overseas trip that included the United States and Ireland.

    During the meetings in Turkey, the leaders signed six business deals.

    The Chinese regime had nearly $22 billion of exports to Turkey last year—a 26-percent hike from 2010. Conversely, the Chinese regime imports $2.5-billion of Turkish products, a 9-percent increase.

    But the Chinese regime and the Turkish government still do not agree on issues concerning Syria. Turkey has taken the lead in pressing for Syria's President Assad to step down amid a crackdown on Syrians. While earlier this month, the Chinese regime vetoed a UN resolution against Syria.

    The Chinese regime has also not agreed to attend a meeting in Tunisia this week with other world leaders to discuss Syria—a meeting that will put more pressure on the Syrian leader to resign and stop the violence.

    While Xi was in Turkey, Uighurs from China's northwestern Xinjiang region protested outside the hotel where he was staying.