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    2012 FIAT 500 by Gucci near Walnut Creek from FIAT of Concord


    by FiatofConcord

    46 views 866-581-1779 There are icons of design, and then there are icons of Italian design. So when Fiat and Gucci collaborate to create one stunning vehicle, it's a celebration of a combined Italian legacy that spans over two centuries. The Fiat 500 by Gucci for Walnut Creek. This is couture you can drive. The car is the result of intensive creative collaboration between Stile Fiat and Gucci, a co-design project where the work by the Italian designer label is devised to enhance the distinguishing traits of the iconic 500. Consequently, "500 by Gucci" represents the perfect blend of two stylistic approaches which, each in its respective field, has made Italian style so famous and influential all over the world, focusing as ever on attention to detail, the ongoing pursuit of quality materials, in the spirit of a simple yet refined elegance.