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    Learn To Play Musical Instruments - Drums - Basic Rudiments

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    The Drum is a very dynamic instrument which instantly captivates one's musical instinct and Rhythm comes naturally to all human beings. This DVD Learn to Play Drums is dedicated to my late grandparents who have always supported me to take up music as a career. I am grateful to my Gurus Pamavibushan Awardee Pandit Umayalpuram. K.Sivaraman, Shri Vaikkom Devarajan and Shri Harinikesh for inspiring and motivating me. My special thanks to percussionists Sivamani and Pete Lockett for their continuous support. Learn to Play Drums comprises of basic lessons tailored in a way that you can learn and Practice within the comfort of your home

    1. History & Artist Profile
    2. Introduction
    3. Parts of Drums
    4. Seating
    5. Holding the sticks
    6. Striking the Drums
    7. Basic Lessons (40 Rudiments)
    8. Drums solo