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    Faceoff: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

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    Faceoff: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston - as part of the celebrities series by GeoBeats.

    Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie - who is a better actor?

    Aniston achieved success early on, becoming a household name in 1994 after landing her role as 'Rachel' on 'Friends'. Whereas Jolie struggled as an actor in low-budget, poorly rated films, barely making recognition in Hollywood.

    Round 1 goes to Aniston!

    Jolie's career began to take a positive turn when she received a Golden Globe in late 90s for her role in movie 'George Wallace'. Aniston had yet to even receive a nomination.

    Round 2 goes to Jolie!

    Since the 90s, Aniston continues to appear in media lists of Hollywood’s best actresses. GQ Magazine named her their first 'Woman of the Year', and she has continuously been on People Magazine's 'The Most Beautiful' list. Jolie has been recognized on these famous celebrity lists, but it is not nearly as frequent as Aniston.

    Round 3 goes to Aniston!

    While both Angelina and Jennifer come from showbiz families, Jolie is the underdog and has had to overcome a difficult and tumultuous adolescence for her success. Aniston came from a seemingly happy childhood.

    Round 4 goes to Jolie!

    Aniston has more mainstream appeal with a general fondness for her persona, arguably making her a safer actor. Jolie tends to draw strong reactions on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

    Round 5 goes to Aniston!

    Angelina's versatility has also been her advantage as she can pull off diverse roles naturally. Jen, however, has a long list of similar roles behind her, mostly in the field of romantic comedies. She has had a hard time getting ride of her ‘good girl’ image.

    Round 6 goes to Jolie!

    So who wins? You, the audience decides...Tell us what you think in comments!