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    Valu Jada Tolu Beltu


    by Tollywood

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    "Scene opens in the village with Nuthan Prasad. He gets a telegram as he is a illiterate he will ask Nirmalamaa to read the telegram after reading she tells him that his grand son Rajendra Prasad got selected for police training. Nuthan Prasad feels very happy and celebrates with his friends and people of that village send him to the city for police training. In the mean while he meets Kanka(Junior Nagarjunaine)daughter of head constable. He will be in search of address he will ask her but she makes fun out him.In the mean while he see's group of people fighting as he goes to save group of people Rajendra Prasad will be arrested along with that group. In the mean while sub inspector of police comes to punish them. He is very cruel person seeing him Rajendra Prasad faints in the police station later they come to know that he is appointed as constable later he gets to handle murder case. Higher officials ask him to catch hold of Sai Kumar who is the culprit in murder case due to some reasons he leaves Sai Kumar and gets into trouble.He looses his reputation in the village and feels very ashamed of him self. Rest of the story revolves around Rajendra prasad how he gets hold of sai Kumar and gets back his reputation and comes out of the case and marries kanka.