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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV.DE 16/07/2010
    Ein Wahlkölner aus Münster in Hamburg; Jonas Zorn singt "december" im Hochsommer. Vielleicht halten die Gedanken daran schön kühl. Die sonst so laute Reeperbahn hat während des Auftritts von Jonas tatsächlich die Luft angehalten. Lassen wir Jonas noch kurz zu Wort kommen: "I've always loved to sing. When I first started singing my own songs the words would hardly make any sense. I didn't really know how to play the guitar either. Many years before that I would bang on my brother's old knapsack with chinese chopsticks pretending I was playing the drums. I still do those things, except that I have gotten a little better (at least I hope so). Since my early teens I have always played in rather loud bands and surely made all the basic mistakes you have to make. At the same time - as I guess anyone who writes songs - I have always had these tunes that are not loud enough to be played on stage in that context but quiet enough to sing them to yourself. Of course, you later play these songs to other people to find out if they are any good. That is why I have now recorded some of these tracks on my old, almost broken 4-track. You see: they did encourage me. Some of these songs make up a Demo CD titled "Oakleaf Clarity". Some are to be found here. Thank you for listening to them."

    Genießt die Sonne und bis morgen!