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    STORYFOLD (BalconyTV)


    by BalconyTV

    A mixture of luck, providence, fluke and sheer obstinacy, Storyfold (formerly Run Kid) were brought into this world in the year of our lord 2009. It may not be big, but it just might be clever.
    Like a good new-fashioned romance, Storyfold met on the internet. It all began in March of 2009. After writing 5,000 messages (ballpark) on various drumming forums, Paddy McKenna hit the jackpot by meeting drummer/pianist/human talking machine, Lindsey Hogan. Originally the drummer and unable to successfully clone Lindsey, the decision was left to her as to where she might find her home. After much searching of the soul, the drummer became the pianist and Storyfold's distinctive sound was beginning to take shape!
    Jim McGourty was soon after recruited for his good looks, raw masculinity and bass chops, and it was back to the trusty old internet to unearth a drummer. Anticipating weeks of frustration usually associated with sourcing a good drummer, the band couldn't quite believe their luck when they found the brilliantly talented Sean McDonnell at the very first audition - the final piece in the Storyfold jigsaw, as it were.
    Storyfold have already played in venues as diverse as The Sugar Club, Whelan's, The Spirit Store in Dundalk, Lavery's in Belfast and Leitrim (all of it).
    Friends and foes have compared Storyfold to bands as diverse as Ben Folds Five, Muse, Arcade Fire, The Magic Numbers, The Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes.
    When they're not playing gigs, practicing or walking hand in hand down leafy country lanes, Storyfold are students, financial advisers, accountants and TV/Radio presenters. All at the same time. Just like that.

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!