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    by BalconyTV

    A long long time ago in the sleepy town lands of Oldcastle in Co Meath , Paddy's dad was introducing his son to the musical exploits of the Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Led Zeppelin. The legacy of these days opened up a window of opportunity for Paddy. It was these fondly remembered days which inspired Paddy to write and perform music at an early age. Paddy got his first electric Guitar at the age of 10 in Walton's in Dublin . His dad mentioned to his cousin in Kells Oliver Usher that his son was looking for an amp. Oliver delivered a very special amp to Paddy -- The amp was a vintage Marshall amp which was said to be used at the "lsle of White festival" in the sixties. The amp no doubt inspired Paddy to write & perform Rock N Roll!!!

    In 1997 Paddy was a winner of the hot press demo marathon. Paddy then assembled Jacuzze Jungle on the success of receiving this accolade, entered the studio to record a version of Wild Cherrys"Play that funky music", the single received air play from major Irish radio stations 2FM, Today FM, and other nationwide stations a video was shot for this single due to its success at RTE in Dublin and shown on Top 30 Hits, Echo Island and the highly acclaimed music program "2TV"

    Paddy Usher with Jacuzze Jungle embarked on playing live in Ireland to really cement them as a truly electric live act playing with artists Shane McGowan and the Popes, The 4 of us, Aslan, Kila, Corduroy, The James Taylor Quartet, Breaking Bejamin and the Ozric tentacles.Things looked un stoppable for the act, who then had made the trip to New York to start the first leg of a US tour. Tragedy struck however, ... two members from Paddy's band Jacuzze Jungle were killed in unforeseeable accidents.

    Paddy gradually began writing again, the life experience gained from the past were set to strengthen the future. His song writing capability has become stronger incorporating heartfelt subjects such as love ,lust bereavement, dishonesty and most importantly having a good time! Songs such "Love Surrounds" highlights the importance of feeling good about one self , whereas songs such as "You are so much better off" and "Beat me like a devil" focuses on "lust". The darker side of life and the things we don't say to people we love are heavily featured in anthemic "Blackbird" and "Fathers Eyes"

    The paddy usher band will be bringing their truly electrifying performances to venues near you- do yourself a favour and check 'em out!!!!

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!