Link and the Hyrule Gang episode 11


by UnkArt1

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So, yeah.. I'm uploading shipt again.
"Gwony"~ Gwonam moves next door to King Harkinian after 'selling' his house to some old person with a vagineck. Later, Zelda and Link tries to make a special rennid for their new neighbor, and then shit happens.
This is going to be the most confusing episode of "Hyrule Gang" yet, but I'm sure you'll like it anyway. (And before you ask about how they pulled off that trick, pay close attention to the end credits. I explained what happened somewhere in there.)

Also starring Michael Rosen, Impa, Lady Alma, Morshu, and some grandmas.. and also, Kingy, Link, Zelda, and Gwony. And whoever else is left.