How to clear google history, delete google browsing history

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Mark Fidgett
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Did You know, March first, is the day, Google's new unified privacy policy, goes into effect, which means, your Google Web History, will be shared with everyone. Google is tracking all your Web activity? They're keeping track, of all your searches, and all the sites you visit. On March 1, it will be shared. If you don't prevent Google, from sharing this, potentially sensitive data, they will know your every move. The good news, You can stop them. and remove, all of your Web History, with the simple, press of a button. Here's the secret. After signing into your Google account, type in the following, Click the gray, Remove all Web History button, at the top of the page, and a subsequent, OK button, to clear your Web History. This action, also pauses the Web History feature, so that it will no longer, track your Web searches, and whereabouts.