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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV LONDON 29/04/2010
    Were you born in a Barn? A question most people have answered at some point with the reply No. For the Cat that Walks Alone this is no different except his answer would be Yes If the barn was a caravan, and he was awakened instead of born.

    Growing up touring in a caravan, the Cat as he shall be referred to hereon in travelled to many places and gatherings. This was not in a convoy of white vans powered by Rottweilers, but was the result of his parents trying to live some sort of hippie dream some 20 years after the event. As a result, the path was always an unknown and exciting one.

    Usually surrounded by many an artist or folkster, the Cat was very aware from a young age of his creative leanings; especially in music. Like a feline friendly sponge all types of weird and wonderful sounds were absorbed.

    With this and his parents thirst for travelling instilled within, the Cat set out to make his own way playing music, scratching a living doing the occasional job and playing guitar for a number of acts too numerous to mention. Whilst on his journey he carried a little book to record his various encounters and learnings.

    After several incidents and the number 9 turned on its head, the cat settled in London at the end of 2009 where you find him now. With some free time in a studio (and occasional Madames boudoir), his book of experiences and a guitar, the cat started compiling from the book what can be found above.

    BalconyTV London is produced by Ruth Medjber

    Tune in again tomorrow!!