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    m.s.narayana sudden visit to venkatesh room - chintakayala ravi comedy scenes

    Telugu Filmnagar

    by Telugu Filmnagar

    Chintakayala Ravi (Venkatesh) works in a bar named Cyber Wave in New York. He is the head waiter and works with his three friends who are also waiters at the same bar. He goes to the US with the dream of becoming a software pro but it doesn't pan out. His mother Seshamamba (Lakskmi) tells everybody in her village that her son is big software engineer in America. Ravi doesn't want to hurt his mother's feelings, so he continues to tell her the sweet lie that he truly is a software engineer in America. However, problems arise when Seshamamba gets ready to marry her son to Lavanya (Mamta Mohandas). So, when Lavanya asks her childhood buddy, Sunitha (Anushka), to enquire about Ravi, the truth comes out that he's a bar waiter. Her family gets angry that Ravi's family lied to them, and when Ravi arrives in the village for betrothal, he is subjected to humiliation. How Ravi steals the hearts of everyone and mends the problem is the story.