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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 26/12/2009
    Ed Tulipa is the new musical project of Sergi Carós (Molins de Rei, Barcelona 1972)
    After of being part of various original music groups (Gums, Lou, Joan Cardona and the ninyins mind, Quebec) this time he decide to go solo, with the company of good friends in the songs he has been writing the last years and also bringing to life some old ones after a make over. The guest musicians are: : David Shakespeare, Roberto Villar, Rory Gallagher ex-The Revs (not the guitar player from the 70..s ..that one is dead), Shane O'Dwyer, Olivier Chaves, Xavi Arbos, Vicenç Carós, Jony Kontrol, Massimo Santaluccia, Widgeon Holland, Hernán González, Fabricio Beck and Diego "Floreio" Dias from the brasilian rock band Vera Loca, Jordi Santos, Álvaro Castro, Leandre López, Ricky Lee, Ivor O'ttley....
    The project is being recorded at the moment, but some demos will be uploaded soon. All the songs wrote by Sergi Caros ( with the exception of the brasilian band Los Hermano..s version of Anna Julia, sergi wrote the spanish words), and in the lyrics it can be found some contributions of Roger Caros, Roger Sabat, Alvaro Castro, and Rory in the english version of the songs, this is because it will be a mini edition of 5 songs in english for the irish audience, mainly beacause the other band where Sergi work, Skin & Hide that plays in Charlies bar, Lanzarote, is popular with this audience.

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!