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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 23/12/2009
    The lonely schizophrenic is Anto Kane, Andy Delamere and Vladimir Crotch rot.Together we are the Organisation of Mental terrorism. We write and play our own original styled comedy songs for your and our amusement.We dont take this shit seriously at all,its all about having a bit of craic so you shouldn't take us seriously neither! Some reviews we have gotten - "think Bill Bailey and the Dalai Llama joining Snoop Dogg for a collaboration in a crack den" - Guerilla review "Definitely have never heard tunes like them and thoroughly enjoyed listening to them" - Lou from Ceol PR "Describing their sound as being pigeonholed under the acoustic / traditional Chinese / Celtic bracket (what the hell ever that is) you instantly get a measure of what this" - Mark from the Sunday experience "the Lonely Schizophrenic are highly infectious" - Dave from "I would recommend you guys to everyone I know, with the exception of my grandma(maybe), but then again I'm a sick bastard and this music is right up my alley." -Danny Doyle (Manhattan Irish festival) "Oh lord, where do I start..." Drumhead from "Crab People is our generations "children of the revolution" - The Black Lodge,Flirt fm (101.3fm) "What the fuck are you doing with a bag full of ballyclavas?" - Barry Finnegan "i think full nudity!!!! " - Old red "I am pissing myself laughing.." - sandra Limerick Event Guide "do ya know any pandas looking for a relationship..." - Steve Duffy "your fucking crazy the pair of yiz" - Random drunk guy in the toilets of the zodiacs . THE MAID FROM CABRA WEST - We do not own, nor do we intend to infringe upon the copyrights of any lyrics or ownership pertaining to this song.This is our cover of an auld Dublin love ballad. We cant find reference to ownership nor copyright on the net.We honestly do not intend to offend nor to propagate this as our own song.Anto Kane,thanks to Mark Phelan,learned this ballad from Georgie in the ballad session at Madam Darkey Kellys on fishamble street.Saturdays 1600-2000. Any proceeds from this song will got to Irish cancer society, which is a domestic charity for cancer sufferers.If you have a problem with us covering this song you may meet us at the back of the church for a fight at 3 pm tomorrow. Crab people was co-written with Mark Darko, respect man for your insight and your ability to write cracking tracks. This song is a tribute to a South Park episode that Mark and myself have never seen. Its a true story loosely based on events that may or may not have happened.

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!