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    Amaroo - Smiths Lake_ NSW Accommodation


    by Harshana

    Have you ever been to Smiths Lake? In between the Wallis and Myall Lakes is the smaller but just as majestic Smiths Lake, offering warm calm waters separated from the ocean by an impressive sandbar formation. Great Lakes Council does open this entrance when the waters in the lake become too high or need replenishing.

    The township of Smiths Lake is approximately 25km south of Forster. Some three quarters of the catchment is forested or waterway. The lake is a largely undisturbed estuary of high scenic value. The town of Smiths Lake is located on the northern shore of the estuary and the southern shores are included within the Myall Lakes.

    Our home Amaroo is beautifully positioned at a higher elevation on the edge of Smiths Lake. The prime positioning of the home gives you the opportunity to soak in the beauty and the tranquility of the lake.The town shops consist of a newsagent which stock groceries and videos for hire, a bakery, a liquor shop and a butcher.