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    City Rowdy


    by Tollywood

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    City Rowdy Directed by Karnann released in the year 1989.Rajashekar plays important role in the movie. He is son of a mayor. Rajashekar makes fun out of the people in the college. He irritates woman in the college with his arrogant attitude.He likes to contest in the elections which takes place in the college. In order teach him a lesson Madhavi stands against him. She plays dual role in the movie.she challenges rajashekar that she will win against him. And makes him to wear a sari in the college.this was seen by his father. Later rajashekar plans to take revenge on her. In order to this he goes to village there he finds madhavi's sister he traps and flirts her. She loves rajashekar both will be in love. But her elder sister gets to know about them. She objects them but rajashekar acts innocent. And gets ready for the marriage with her sister at the point of marriage he blames madhavi's family that they cheated which we can see in the movie the whole story revolves around madhavi and rajashekar how she teaches him lesson and proves woman are no more less than men.Must watch!!!!