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    15 Minute Kiss My ABS Kettlebell Workout with Laura London

    Laura London

    by Laura London

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    What makes a kettlebell workout different from other weights workouts?

    Using kettlebells help to not only strengthen your arms but your whole body from core to even your heart and lungs. It is can be a full body workout in a short amount of time.

    The kettlebell offsets your center of gravity, this means the body has to work twice as hard to keep in balance. You are working many different muscle groups at the same time and elevating your hear rate. What a great combination!

    Proper form is key when using the kettlebell. Start off slow to get the correct movements.

    Keys to Good Kettle Bell Form
    Position your feet shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

    Put your weight on your heels.

    Keep your shoulders back chest up and shoulders down.

    Keep a tall spine and neutral head position, no rounded back.

    Keep your eyes focused on a spot in front of you.

    When standing keep a slight bend in the knee.
    Squeeze the glutes and tighten the thighs on the upswing.