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Mr Lightweight's founding members Des and Pat met on a Russian Space station in 1991 when they were test tube baby clone experiment things.
After many years trying to build their instruments from toothpicks they played their first show in January 2008. Previous to this in July 2007, Des (guitar/vocals), Pat(drums) recorded a 6 track EP in Manor Park Studios in the magical land of Co. Antrim with the amazing pencil case maker/ engineer Neal Calderwood.
In December '07 they recruited Spud who had just freed himself from the grips of the all female planet 'Va-JayJay_1nM3' where it is believed a war was tearing the world apart which began when over 10,000 women started fighting over the right to Spud's penis. and he learned bass in 5 hours.
At their first show they met the adorable Kristian who is love child of Macaulay Culkin and a bottle of conditioner. Kristian took up the reigns of the second guitar and vocals.
Over the rest of the year the band played a staggering 11 shows and had some wild adventures all over the country, most of which involved nudity, toast, more nudity, moderate drinking, breaking things, uncontrollable drinking, public urination on hotel walls and lots of crazy 14 year olds in the back of a van. They also managed to get back to Neal Calderwood in July '08 and almost burn his studio down while recording 4 new tracks. then there was a breif trip to the famous grouse lodge studio's where we found micheal jacksons nose in pats bed..then we found the rest of micheal in kristians bed..150yards and 1 law suit later des decided to return to his planet of vaginatron (he left the band) talks of a music video for a single has been confirmed for early summer.

Tune in again tomorrow!!!