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    Roulette:Labouchere Betting System Strategy - Tips How to play roulette.


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    Labouchere System

    Labouchere System is a roulette tactics that has been on for years and involves extremely basic mathematics. First, you have to decide on how much you want to win and write down random series of positive numbers. For instance you want to win Euro 20; you have to write out random series of positive numbers that the sum will be equal to Euro 20.
    4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 3, 6, 2.
    You take the first and last number, add them together and place your bet with the total sum of the two numbers on the roulette table. If you win, you just have to cross out the numbers you have used and move on accordingly. But if you lose, take the number you have wagered and move it at the end of the next line.

    Remember that roulette has a built in house edge and you will still have to get lucky to win. If you do, a progressive betting system can help you really capitalize on that luck.

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