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    The Unexamined Life - Secularity at Beloit College pt. 1


    by jlopcep

    Part one of The Unexamined Life - Secularity at Beloit College

    Beloit College is universally understood as a secular college—a school unaffiliated with any church or religion. But is that the full meaning of our secular character? How do religious students experience the dominant culture? How does being secular mark a student and how does it mark the college in a global context? Based on interviews with faculty and students, The Unexamined Life seeks to shed light on how people's experiences, knowledge, and learning is shaped by a worldview and lens that is so basic it often goes unexamined. While the strong experience of secularism at Beloit College is considered in its own right, that experience reflects the way normative systems of belief and perspective can become entrenched and imposed in many other contexts.